ChoHee with Ik-Soo Heo and DePaul Ensemble 20+

For a special occasion of collaboration with Komungo artist Ik-Soo Heo and the DePaul University composition program, Oh made an adaptation of two excerpts from musical theater, Words and Beyond II: Hun NanSulHun, to form her piece ChoHee. Words and Beyond II: Hun NanSulHun is set to premiere in October 2014. In an effort to adapt ChoHee to a concert-oriented ensemble setting, the traditional Jungga singer (who typically sings using traditional Korean vocal techniques) has been replaced with a Mezzo soprano voice, and cello and double bass have been added in addition to the k?mungo, accordion, and three percussionists found in the original production.

April 25 2014 @ 8PM DePaul Concert Hall, Chicago