Concerto of Consonant Chord Catalogue (2006)
for solo piano and chamber ensemble
solo piano, ob, cl, hrn, trb, vn, vla, vc, db, perc
Duration: 18 minutes
Order from Deuss Music

Concerto of Consonant Chord Catalogues for Solo Piano and Chamber Ensemble is a direct result of contemplating Five Elements. Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water. It is an Eastern Asian Philosophy which explains the basis of the universe according to the constructive and destructive cycles consist of these elements.

The piece is written for pianist Maarten van Veen and de Doelen Ensemble with a generous support by Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.

Five Elements- a philosophy of Far East Asia- has made an huge influence on me and responsible for the harmony and the form for the piano concerto No. 2.- Concerto of Consonant Chord Catalogues for Solo Piano & Chamber Ensemble (CCCC below).

From the constructive cycle and the destructive cycle , I made up a principle chord and a complementary chord, which consist of pitches of the pentatonic scale. As the result, the chords themselves are less interesting. What is an actual subject is the disposition (or intervals) of the pitches in a designated register. For that these two chords are rotated and transposed and established a fifteen consecutive chords. These chords are transparently played in piano cadenza.

In terms of its form, CCCC is broadly divided into two parts. Both parts consist of several sub-sections. The subsections are composed around the structural pillars throughout and constitute cyclical idea. The structural pillar-sections, which are mainly written in slow moving time (and harmonies), hold the multiple sub-sections into a macro structure.

As the cycle of five elements proceeds, gradually CCCC circles along the five pitches.

In sub-sections, the writing style reflects the improvised-feelings and the free-spirit, especially in piano parts.

The final piano cadenza restates the Consonant Chord Catalogues but transposed an open fifth (a Perfect Fifth) of the string. This ending symbolize an eternally continuation of the cycles.