Lege Wieg / Bos Besik (Empty Cradle) (2010)
an opera
Lyric soprano, Soprano, mezzo soprano, counter tenor, baritone, Alto, Solo choir(soprano), Choir, Fl/alto fl/picc, Accordion, Vc, Db, Percussion
Duration: 90 minutes
Order from Deuss Music

  1. lege wieg 2-2 7:45
  2. lege wieg 3-1 11:29
  3. lege wieg 4-1 12:56


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Libretto: Anne Vegter

An original production through the interwovenness of Turkish and Dutch culture and an exciting collaboration between Dutch and Turkish professionals and amateurs. The opera tells the story of a woman and a man who marry against the will of their families. Their love is tested to the limit. But then the events take an unexpected turn; after years they magically get a child … The story was edited by composer Seung-Ah Oh and writer Anne Vegter to surprisingly contemporary music theater.