So-Ri I  (2001)
for guitar & flute
fl, gtr
Duration: 10 minutes
Order from Deuss Music

Though So-Ri I was originally written for flute, the initial sound world I was imagining at the time was that of Asian bamboo instruments such as the DaeGeum, the Shakuhachi or the Dizi. Especially for tonight’s performance, the flute part has been replaced by the DaeGuem: a situation I am very grateful for.

There are no particular forms or musical goals in So-Ri I. It is rather an essay-like writing of chronological musical events as they occurred in my mind. I did take advantage of the idiomatic writing and gestures of the instruments. What was more important in this piece was to be faithful to the natural sound world of the instruments. Another point was to leave enough time for both players as well as listeners to appreciate what pleases their ears and to experience a stage of meditation.

So-Ri I, for flute and guitar, was commissioned by the Mostly Modern Chamber Music Society in 2001. It was premiered by Dan Lippel and Katherine Umble during the Aki New Music Series 2001 in Cleveland.