Tainted Sculpture (2007)
for Nine Korean & Western Players
Piri, DaeGeum /SohGeum, Cl, SaengHwang, Kayageum, guit, vc, 2 perc
Duration: 12 minutes
Order from Deuss Music

There are several distinct sections woven in one time line. There are about four reoccurring blocks. Each block will vary slightly during the repetition. The harmonic scheme of entire piece is driven from mainly trichord and tetrachord. In some sections these chord are superimposed over a contradicting dyad to the original chord. The combination of tutti, group of several instruments in several groups and at times solo creates diverse texture. One important element in this piece is embellishments in grace note form in front of main notes. This is one of three Koran traditional musical elements: ShiKimSae.