Unsung Equilibrium (2005)
for Ensemble of Winds
fl/picc/bass fl, 3 sax, hrn, 3 trp, 2 trb, bass trb, bass guit, pf
Duration: 15 minutes
Order from Deuss Music

For a long time now, I have wanted to compose a piece in which time does not elapse from A to Z. With the help of the brilliant and confrontational timbre of the line-up, I have tried to realize this idea.

The total given time is divided into smaller measurement of time blocks, as if the given time is a canvas to be filled in during the whole process. The time blocks are first composed individually and then placed, reversed, cut, shifted and extended into the bigger time-scale. The equilibrium in this particular composition can be found in the balance between contrasting music blocks, which are juxtaposed or placed in adjacency over the harmonic texture scheme.

Unsung Equilibrium is commissioned by the Orkést de Volharding and financially supported by the Fonds voor de Scheppende de Toonkunst in the Netherlands.