JungGa & Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi

The internationally acclaimed Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival will be taking place this year from 20 through 29 November. Aside from Jonathan Harvey, the hcmf composer in residence for 2009, the festival will feature an abundance of interesting composers from all over the world. I am happy to announce that two recent works of mine will be receiving their UK premiere at Huddersfield this year: JungGa, a concerto for oboe/musette and ensemble, written for Ernest Rombout and the Nieuw Ensemble, and my recent music theater work Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi, to be performed by Percussion the Hague, mezzo-soprano Margriet van Reisen and dancer Kenzo Kusuda.

JungGa – Ernest Rombout, oboe/musette; Bas Wiegers, conductor; Nieuw Ensemble
Nov 24, 7:30PM @ St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield, UK
Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi – Percussion The Hague; Margriet van Reisen, voice; Kenzo Kusuda, dance
Nov 26, 8PM @ Bates Mills, Huddersfield, UK