Quatour Bozzini

Nong Hyun Reflected for amplified string quartet (2011) will be premiered by the internationally acclaimed Canadian New Music Specialist Bozzini String quartet.

The world premiere occurs during the Transit Festival in Leuven, Belgium. The subsequent performance will be in Den Bosch, Netherlands during the festival November Music and Montréal, Québec during program called Portrait Pays-Bas.
Nong Hyun is the term for a Korean traditional string-playing technique that involves various left hand techniques after the initial string pluck by right hand.

Ms. Oh was initially interested in how these left-hand techniques could be translated and performed on western string instruments; this became a substantial musical idea in this particular composition. Nong Hyun Reflected is inspired by the idea of four independent lines co-existing in time, echoing the way one’s daily life is surrounded by all types of recognizable and dismissible sounds. Each part is written independently except for a few structural points of the composition until when all four comes together at the end of the piece. Nong Hyun Reflected is also an attempt of a freely and loosely composed sound-scape (music in the air).